Doteable College Care Packages

Care, packaged. Essentials mailed monthly.

"... my mom was always concerned that my incompetence, indifference, indolence, and possibly industriousness would prevent me from restocking on essentials. And then there was that one semester where I all but abandoned basic grooming and dining routines..." 

- a Doteable subscriber

Parents, you've done your job: you've sent them off to college, to infinity and beyond. But are you, too, concerned that your student's hardworking nature will be his downfall? Introducing the Doteable dorm duffel, a monthly subscription care package for the college soul. It holds just what they need, plus that little something extra.


We are based in San Francisco, California and run by two Texas-bred alumni of Harvard College and Morgan Stanley. We have been doting on you since January 2013.

Giselle Cheung was a late bloomer by nearly all measures – with one key exception. She received her first sno-cone machine as a gift at the tender age of 17, and hey! It turns out, that girl could sell cones, goshdarnit (though some say that sno cones sell themselves in Texas, really). What made her such a standout sno-cone artist? She put care into those icy treats, the same care she puts into each Doteable delivery.

Enhao Li wants to make that giddy Christmas morning feeling from your childhood last a little longer. "How?!", you might ask. By mailing you life-saving packages of fun and awesomeness each and every month! Doteable's deliveries have the expert backing of her years dealing with the trials of living on her own -- with her help, you'll get the hang of your new independence in no time.