Doteable College Care Packages

Care, packaged. Essentials mailed monthly.

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1. What is Doteable? 

Doteable is the sum of your hopes and dreams – the dreams of your children, the dreams of your parents, and the dreams of their parents before them. It is everything you wished you could be, and so much more.

But, actually. 

Doteable is your partner-in-crime as you transition to life in college and beyond. Our essentials care packages for college students (though, let’s face it: the rest of us could use a little care, too) include over $70 worth of necessities.

While we operate as Doteable, we are incorporated as Wake Up and Smell the Internet, Inc. That’s what you’d have named your corporation, too, if only way cooler people hadn’t beaten you to it.

2. What’s this “dorm duffel” brouhaha?

While you’re taking your daily 6-hour dorm nap, we’re dreaming up and delivering to your mailbox a duffel bag packed with hand-picked essentials and adorable surprises. Ran out of underwear? Have no fear – your duffel has arrived.

3. Can I gift a Doteable subscription?

No problem-o, boss. Select your subscription length, set your shipping address as your recipient’s address, and add a note to go with your first package. Your lucky recipient will be thrilled with your thoughtful gift.

4. What should I be expecting in my rockin’ Doteable duffel?

Each duffel is filled with daily essentials (from socks to seasonal accessories) and fun new discoveries. Follow our blog for clues to the contents of our next package.

5. Can I start a Doteable subscription during the middle of the school year?

Yes. You can start your Doteable subscription any time, anywhere (within the US).

6. How do I renew my Doteable subscription?

Your monthly subscription is automatically renewed. Add your summer address from your account page.

7. When will I be charged each month?

Your credit or debit card will be charged on the 1st of each month.

8. Do you charge tax?

Currently, duffels shipped to California residences are subject to California sales tax. Other states are not subject to sales tax.

9. How much is shipping?

We provide free shipping on all orders.

10. What if I move?

Movin’ on up, eh? Log into your account and change your address. Next month’s duffel will be sent to your new address. Alternatively, you can always contact us and we'll make sure your Doteable package finds its way to you.

11. How do I cancel my subscription?

This isn’t really a frequently asked question. ;) Give us a call at 1-888-989-DOTE or email before the 1st of the month to cancel your Doteable subscription.

12. Does Doteable deliver to my country?

We deliver our duffels to addresses in the United States.

13. Who decides what goes into each package?

Recent college graduates, young professionals, and loving parents. If any of those describe you, electronically send us your suggestions at

14. I’m taking a semester off or studying abroad, can I put my subscription on hold?

Give us a shout at or 1-888-989-DOTE to pause your subscription for any period of time.

15. I want to talk to a live person. Can I call you?

Yessirree, Bob. We are happy to entertain your calls and life questions at 1-888-989-DOTE.

16. Do you offer refunds? 

We do not offer refunds, but if you have questions about or issues with your dorm duffel (for example, you need to exchange your size), shoot a message over to or blaze up 1-888-989-DOTE. We’ll fix it!